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At play

Romero Lubambo, Helio Alves, Edu Ribeiro & Reuben Rogers*
Discos: Jazz / MPB


19,36 € impuestos inc.

Ficha técnica Discos

Sello Open Studio
Estilo Jazz / MPB
Año de Edición Original 2020


Romero Lubambo (guitarra acústica), Helio Alves (piano), Edu Ribeiro (batería), Reuben Rogers* (contrabajo)

Edición en formato Digipack.

"On their new acoustic Brazilian jazz quartet album AT PLAY, Romero Lubambo (acoustic guitar,) Helio Alves (acoustic piano,) Edu Ribeiro (drums) and Reuben Rogers (double bass) deliver a nine-song collection of originals and covers, including tracks by legendary Brazilian songwriters Caetano Veloso, Dori Caymmi, Joao Bosco and Debora Gurgel. Inspired by the band's first-ever live set together at Cornelia Street Café, AT PLAY captures lightning in a bottle, as the four musicians infuse the album with soaring energy and some of the magic of their first night together on stage.
AT PLAY was mixed by Grammy winner James Farber at Sear (...) At Open Studio, the opportunity to reimagine the concept of a record label is a driving force, and with AT PLAY, they continue to establish a new paradigm.
Brian Fielding tells the story of the AT PLAY quartet and project: "Pianist Peter Martin's trio gig in November 2016 at Dizzy's Club in NYC featured Mark Whitfield Jr. and Bob Hurst, with Romero Lubambo sitting in on a few tunes. The house was packed for every set, the music was joyful and the audience on the final night included two other master Brazilian musicians, pianist Helio Alves and drummer Edu Ribeiro. Helio invited Peter (Co-Founder of Open Studio Jazz) and me to his gig the following night at the Cornelia Street Cafe featuring Edu, Romero and bassist Ed Perez. This would mark the first time Romero and Edu - the young wunderkind on drums - would be playing together. The music promised to be something special. The Cornelia Street Cafe's intimate basement performance venue was packed but somehow we found seats up front. The energy and excitement on stage and in the room was palpable, and the chemistry among the musicians was obvious and deep. The music was soaring, beautiful. When the musicians joined us at our table after the first set, I told them I wanted to help them make a record. It's taken a few years and a lot of miles but finally in October 2019 everything came together, and with the addition of master bassist Reuben Rogers they were able to capture some of that particular magic from November 2016 - and add a lot more."
The album was recorded over two days at the legendary Sound On Sound Studios, recently relocated to Montclair, NJ from NYC. Studio sessions followed intimate rehearsals at Fielding's home studio located a few short blocks away." Broadway World, 24.07.2020


CD 1
Bala com bala
João Bosco - ALdir Blanc
Amazon River
Dori Caymmi
Pro Romero
Debora Gurgel
It's clear
Helio Alves
Re: Joyce
Romero Lubambo
Cebola no frevo
Edu Ribeiro - Chico Pinheiro
Trilhos urbanos
Caetano Veloso
Helio Alves
Na calada do dia
Edu Ribeiro