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If you will

Flora Purim
Discos: Jazz


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Ficha técnica Discos

Sello Strut
Estilo Jazz
Año de Edición Original 2022


Flora Purim (voz)

Todd M. Simon (flugelhorn), Bryan Velasco (piano, teclados), Davi Sartori (piano eléctrico, arreglos), Mika Mutti (teclados, percusión, arreglos), Frank Martin (teclados), José Neto (guitarra eléctrica, arreglos), Fabio Nascimento (guitarras), Grecco Buratto (guitarra eléctrica, coros), Léo Nobre o Fábio Hess o André de Santanna o Thiago Duarte o Gary Brown (bajo), Celso Alberti o Léo Costa o Endrigo Bettega y Stéphane San Juan (batería), Filipe Castro, Café da Silva, Alberto Lopes y Gibi dos Santos (percusión), Krishna Booker (percusión, coros, arreglos), Vitor Pinheiro, Caro Pierotto, Maria Joana, Emina Shimanuki, Kana Shimunaki, Mari Nobre y Niura Band (coros).

Participación especial de:  Diana Purim (voz), Claudia Villela (voz), Airto Moreira (percusión, batería, voz), Filó Machado (guitarra acústica, coros, arreglos).

Edición en formato Digipack.

Entusiasta y emotivo retorno discografico de la carioca Flora Purim (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1942), la más destacada vocalista del jazz brasileño y del jaaz fusión internacional de los 70, con el que celebra su 80 aniversario y homenajea a ls músicos estadounidenses Chick Corea y Georgr Duke, con quienes colaboró estrechamente.  Una grabación, que, según ella misma reconoce, puede ser su último álbum.

"One of the all-time greats of Brazilian jazz fusion, Flora Purim, returns with her first studio album in over 15 years, ‘If You Will’.
Conceived as a celebration of her music and collaborations, the album explores new compositions alongside fresh versions of Flora’s favourite personal songs and positive lyrics from across her varied career. Title track ‘If You Will’ reprises a song from her inspired collaborations with George Duke: “You will find... good love, real joy, so much peace of mind, if you will…”; the resilient ‘This Is Me’ updates an Airto jam band tune ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Myself Again’; ‘500 Miles High’ marks the heyday of the late Chick Corea’s Return To Forever band and ‘Zahuroo’ interprets a song by Claudia Villela about “a shapeshifting animal creature, a messenger who acts as a bridge between our thoughts and the universe.”
A family affair recorded primarily in Curitiba and Sao Paulo, ‘If You Will’ brings together many of Flora’s closest circle of musicians including Airto Moreira, guitarist José Neto, her daughter Diana Purim on vocals and percussionist Celso Alberti.
The album is the latest chapter in Flora’s long, illustrious and varied career. As well as her celebrated partnership with Airto and her early days with Quarteto Novo, Flora has worked with Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Miriam Makeba, George Duke, Chick Corea (as an original member of Return To Forever), Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nation Orchestra, Uruguayan band Opa and many more. Her solo albums on Milestone remain true jazz fusion classics."

"Everyone loves a great comeback, and, after a lengthy hiatus, Flora Purim obliges with If You Will, the Brazilian's first studio album since Flora's Song (Narada, 2005). Released to coincide with her 80th birthday, If You Will is a somewhat nostalgic celebration that polishes a few old gems from a recording career that began—under military dictatorship—with the groundbreaking Brazilian jazz album é M.P.M. (1964, RCA). The production values are excellent, as are the performances from Purim and the trusted collaborators with whom she surrounds herself.
Airto Moreira's dancing percussion opens "If You Will," an uplifting tune originally penned by George Duke, and sung here by Flora's daughter, Diana Purim. Short-and-sweet solos from keyboardist Mika Mutti and electric bassist Fábio Hess come and go, but the album as whole is less about individual virtuosity and more about the collective vibe, with half a dozen percussionists and almost twice as many backing vocalists creating rich rhythmic layers and melodic textures. Mother and daughter share vocal duties on "This Is Me," a soaring, percussion-fueled slice of Brazilian jazz with call-and-response, a fine keyboard solo from Bryan Velasco and an utterly infectious vocal motif that proves impossible to shake.
The leader takes centre stage on Chick Corea's "500 Miles High," from Return to Forever's Light As A Feather (Polydor, 1973). Purim's pipes are still in remarkably good shape, her delivery of Neville Potter's lyrics as soulful and bright as it was half a century ago. Moreira's distinctive non-syllabic vocals bookend Jose Neto's breezy "Newspaper Girl." The guitarist's tasteful solo adds colorful splashes to this tune of loping rhythmic gate and sunny melodic contours. Another long-term collaborator of the leader, notably in the group Fourth World, Neto shines on Nuno Mindelis's Pino Daniele-esque blues "Dois +Dois = Tres," though it is Flora Purim who is in the driving seat.
The elegant bossa-jazz "Dandara," named for the 17th century Afro-Brazilian warrior who fought against slavery, is a family affair. Poet Judith de Souza wrote the lyrics, which grandson Felipe Machado put to music. His grandfather, singer-songwriter Filó Machado, who has worked with Michel Legrand, Jon Hendricks and Hermeto Pascoal, arranged the track, also adding acoustic guitar and backing vocals alongside Vitor Pinheiro. Flora Purim rolls back the years to makes it her own. Claudia Villela's catchy pop-samba "Zahuroo" features the leader on wordless vocals, with sizzling percussion from Celso Alberto and Moreira.
The shuffling acoustic ballad, "Lucidez," co-written by Diana Purim, Krishna Booker and Fabio Nascimento, closes the album on an introspective note. With percussion assuming a more subtle role, Flora Purim's warm vocals are to the fore, framed by Nascimento's acoustic strumming and Todd S. Simon's painterly touches on flugelhorn.
Whether If You Will marks a late-career renaissance or a joyous swansong for Flora Purim remains to be seen. Regardless, it is a fine testament to a unique figure in contemporary Brazilian music." Ian Patterson (All about Jazz, 04-06.2022)


CD 1
If you will
George Duke
Diana Purim & Flora Purim
This is me
Diana Purim - Krishna Booker
Flora Purim & Diana Purim
500 miles high
Chick Corea - Neville Potter
A flor da vida
Mario Moya - Diana Purim
Flora Purim & Diana Purim
Newspaper girl
José Neto
Flora Purim & Airto Moreira
Felipe Machado - Judith de Souza
Flora Purim & Filó Machado
Claudia Villela - José Neto - Celso Alberti
Flora Purim, Airto Moreira & Claudia Villela
Dois + Dois = Três
Nno Mindelis
Flora Purim & José Neto
Diana Purim - Krishna Booker - Fabio Nascimento