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Still in transit (Ed. Jpn)

Lou Piensa* & Mental Abstrato
Discos: Hip hop / Jazz


31,04 € impuestos inc.

Ficha técnica Discos

Sello Think! Records
Estilo Hip hop / Jazz
Año de Edición Original 2023


Lou Piensa (voz, beats)

Mental Abstrato: Omig One (beats, percusión, programaciones), Calmão Tranquis (beats, programaciones), Guimas Santo (bajo).

Marcelo Monteiro (saxo), Richard Fermino y Estefane Santos (trompeta), Gabriel Grossi (armónica), David Ryshpan (piano), Thiago Duar (guitarra eléctrica), Dr. Mad y El Tipo Este (beats). Renata Canin (coros).

Participación especial de: Daymé Arocena, Eme Alfonso, Kamau, Jorge Du Peixe, Fabriccio, Waahli, Thiago Duar.

Primera edición en CD (Japón).

"The album “Still In Transit” marks the organic encounter between rapper Lou Piensa (member of the Canadian supergroup Nomadic Massive) and the instrumental band Mental Abstrato who mix Hip Hop and Jazz with Brazilian influences.
Before anything, this project is the result of friendship and artistic complicity, cultivated over several years on stage and in the studio, which was then solidified in 2019 during an artistic trip to Cuba. After the tour, Lou and Mental Abstrato decided to start working on a collaborative album where Lou Piensa's technical and multilingual flows would effortlessly ride over Mental Abstrato's Afro-Brazilian influenced jazz beats. The record also has a strong Afro-Cuban reference, the result of their trip and Lou PIensa’s the long-standing connection with that country.
This is how a unique, meticulous and universal record was born. Still in Transit proudly waves the banner of Hip Hop culture while at the same time perfectly integrating elements of Brazilian and Afro-Latin jazz. beatifully superimposed through the art of sampling.
The record also includes a series of impressive guest artists such as the majestic Dayme Arocena and the charming Eme Alfonso from Cuba, Brazilian veterans Jorge Du Peixe (Nação Zumbi) and Kamau, Canadian rapper Waahli and Fabriccio, considered by many as the being part of the vanguard of Brazilian neo-soul.
With musical direction by Thiago Duar and the production being divided between Lou Piensa and the members of Mental Abstrato, the tunes also include some interventions by beatmakers Dr.Mad (Canada) and El Tipo Este (Cuba). The record brings together musicians from Brazil, Canada and Cuba. Recording took place in São Paulo, at Studio Hataka by engineer Fabio Hataka and mastering was completed in New York by none other than Bob Power (renowned engineer and producer recognized for his work with A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, D'Angelo, De la Soul , Common and Erykah Badu)."


CD 1
Eme Alfonso - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Madonna - Alfonso Valdes
Lou Piensa, Mental Abstrato & Eme Alfonso
Mountain top
Glauber Antonio Marques - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Space cuíca
Glauber Antonio Marques - Guilherme Antonio dos Santos - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Thiago Duar - Thiago Duarte Sekiguchi
Free free
Fagner Matos Vieira - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Bom balanço
Fabricio Oliveira Francisco - Glauber Antonio Marques - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Ralph Odman Joseph - Waahli
Lou Piensa, Mental Abstrato, Waahli & Fabriccio
Casi perdimos
Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Thiago Duar - Thiago Duarte Sekiguchi
Que siga el baile
Glauber Antonio Marques - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Still in transit
Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Daymé Arocena Uribarri - Jean Michel Frederic - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Lou Piensa, Mental Abstrato & Daymé Arocena
Yo no veo
Fagner Matos Vieira - Kamau - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Marcus Vinicius Andrade e Silva
Lou Piensa, Mental Abstrato & Kamau
A cidade
Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Thiago Duar - Thiago Duarte Sekiguchi
Voltar para você
David R. Ryshpan - Fagner Matos Vieira - Jorge Du Peixe - Jorge Jose Carneiro de Lira - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux
Lou Piensa, Mental Abstrato & Jorge Du Peixe
Last train
Dr Mad - Jean Michel Frederic - Lou Piensa - Louis Dufieux - Mahdi Saoula