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Nada para o carnaval

Discos: Jazz / Afrobrasileña


18,49 € impuestos inc.

Ficha técnica Discos

Sello Ubuntu Music
Estilo Jazz / Afrobrasileña
Año de Edición Original 2023


Almanaque: Luca Boscagin (guitarras), Quentin Collins (trompeta), Matheus Nova (bajo), Raphael Delfino (batería), Jansen Santana (percusión).

Participación especial de: Camille Bertault (voz).

Edición en formato Digipack.

"Almanaque's album, Nada Para O Carnaval -debut album from Italian guitarist/composer Luca Boscagin - is a captivating blend of Brazilian rhythms and African influences that creates a truly dynamic musical experience. The album serves as a testament to the band's exceptional musicianship and their passion for pushing musical boundaries. The album showcases a collection of original tunes that demonstrate Almanaque's ability to explore new musical directions while staying true to their roots. Adding to the richness of the album, guest vocalist Camille Bertault delivers stunning performances on two Chorinhos and a soulful rendition of Lilia by Milton Nascimento, an artist who has greatly influenced the band. Nada Para O Carnaval is a true celebration of music and a testament to Almanaque's artistry.
Almanaque is an incredibly talented band that has been together for eight years. With their unique blend of Brazilian music and African influences, they have captivated audiences wherever they've performed. The band has graced numerous festivals and events, showcasing their positive and vibey sound to music lovers worldwide. In the UK, Almanaque has delighted audiences at top venues including Ronnie Scott's, NinetyOne, and the Metronome Jazz Bar in Chester. Their musical journey has also taken them across Europe, where they have left their mark on iconic venues such as Cantine de L'Arena and Vapore in Italy, as well as Pyke's in Ibiza. Through their energetic performances and unwavering passion for their craft, Almanaque has established themselves as a band that music enthusiasts simply cannot afford to miss." (texto de presentación del sello discográfico)

“The beauty of Brazilian culture and its music is something that never fails to inspire and uplift me. It is a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always something to celebrate and appreciate. During a recent trip to Brazil, I witnessed a beautiful street parade that was a rehearsal for Carnival. It was a vibrant display of people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to dance, play and sing traditional songs. Despite the challenges the country faces, the people were still smiling and dancing, and it was truly wonderful to witness. It is not always easy to find this kind of beauty in our day-to-day lives, but I am fortunate to have music as my passion and my mission. Living in a big city, I have the opportunity to play with and meet people from all over the world, and I consider it a richness that we should all embrace. We should all strive to listen and learn from the diverse cultures around us. Plus let's not forget to find joy in the simple things - a sunset, a loved one's smile, a pet, a phone call from a friend.
I dedicate this record to Gaetano Leandro (Leo), who I miss dearly. And I share this message with all of you: "Nada para o Carnaval" - Nothing stops the Carnival. Let us keep the passion for beauty alive in our hearts, and always find something to celebrate and appreciate in this world.” Luca Boscagin


CD 1
Nada para o carnaval Intro
Luca Boscagin
Luca Boscagin - Matheus Nova - Quentin Collins
Dance of the "What if"
Luca Boscagin
Luca Boscagin - Matheus Nova - Quentin Collins
Rush hour chorinho
Luca Boscagin
Almanaque & Camille Bertault
Dupla personalidade
Luca Boscagin - Matheus Nova - Quentin Collins
Papageno's shuffle
Quentin Collins
Chorinho pra mim
Luca Boscagin
Milton Nascimento
Almanaque & Camille Bertault
Nada para o carnaval
Luca Boscagin